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Spend the night 11 meters (36 feet) above ground in a Tree Top Hut, with spectacular views of the Hardangerfjord

When we were kids, most of us dreamed of having a hut high up in a tree. Now you can experience this in a modern and fully equipped hut in Ulvik, Hardanger.

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Your hosts at Hardanger Panorama Lodge are Arild Opheim and Claudia Saathoff.

Arild got hooked on tree top huts after a visit to the tree top huts in Brumunddal. The dream and fascination of building one himself got stronger after he saw Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. Later, after much research on tree top huts around the globe, he decided to get to work on his hut, at the family farm where he and Claudia now resides. The combination of spectacular views, local attractions and local products, helped him finding the final form of the project.

Now, Hardanger Panorama Lodge is ready to welcome visitors who seek an extraordinary overnight experience. The hut is perfect for that unique family holiday, or a group- or company trip. And how about about treating someone special with an amazing weekend away?

The hut is placed on stabile steel pillars anchored in the ground, and is accomodation approved by the local authorities.

The hut is named “Orion” after the star constellation. When walking home from the farm’s barn one night, Claudia pointed to the stars and asked Arild for the name of three particularly visible stars. As the stars were part of the constellation Orion, they both agreed that this would be the name of the hut. When the night falls on Ulvik, with no clouds in sight, the stars shine bright in the sky. The bedrooms are named after these three stars; Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

Bilde av Claudia Saathoff og Arild Opheim


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